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Workplace stress

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What Is Your Job Role?

Workplace stress can sometimes be caused because we simply do not really know what our job role is.

Now this may sound a little odd but believe me I know of many people who go to work every day not really sure if they are doing what they should and if one day it’s all going to come back on them.

The simple answer of course would be to check with your boss. But often people do not want to do this for fear of looking foolish or unprofessional.

This is a mistake and if approached correctly can actually make you appear to be enthusiastic and confident.

Job Appraisals

Job appraisals were actually put into place for this very reason, to help clarify the employee’s job role and also to ensure that they were able to carry out their tasks, providing extra training where needed.

However many managers hate doing appraisals, they take up time, they can even be a little difficult sometimes. So sometimes they are put off and off.

This is a mistake though; I should know I was that manager once. In the end I found that staff appraisal were a good way to give my staff positive feedback which used to actually increase their work turnover and reduce workplace stress.

So if you are not getting regular appraisals, make the first move and book yours. They really can be a great way to clear the air and make things better.

Take over’s

This can be another area of uncertainty and job stress for employees and managers alike. Suddenly you have a new company over you who may have different expectations of you. This can really make you feel threatened and worried for your job.

In some cases it can take months before the new company actually confirms your new role in the company and this time can be a period of extreme stress, not only due to the uncertainty but also the last of actual work in some managerial cases.

Again seeking a meeting with your new boss early on is better than waiting to find out sometime.

The Bonus Culture

The bonus culture is a new cause of workplace stress in recent years. Companies are feeling the pressure of competition and are pushing their staff to work harder and for longer hours.

Unfortunately the pressure of trying to meet targets all the time will eventually catch up with employees if not managed properly. This is often why people in highly stressful target led jobs can only do it for a few years before they burn out.

Managing People

Being responsible for other members of staff can be one of the most stressful roles within a company. You not only have responsibilities to the companies to make a profit etc but you also have to be responsible for hiring and firing and this is never easy.

One of the most stressful times in my life was when I was a manager of a team. I felt like I was trying to keep everyone happy, with no thanks and often coming out the worst. In the end I decided that I really wasn’t the right person for the job and left. The pressure was seriously affecting my health and I could see no way out other than to get out.

Workplace Stress Busters

One of the main lessons I learned from being a manager, was that if you can make your staff feel engaged and respected they will work harder. The best way to do this is through encouragement and opportunities. Encourage your workplace to:

  • Provide career development by developing staff skills.
  • Arrange in-house seminars and workshops.
  • Pay for external courses.
  • Ask their staff for feedback and suggestions for further development.

Give staff more responsibility of to head up special projects from time to time.

Another good option is to provide your staff with information on how to relax at work for themselves and give them options and space to do this if they wish. It really will improve work productivity if your staff are happy and not stressed. Allowing work stress toys to be used in the office is also a good moral booster.

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