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Tips for reducing stress

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Tips For Reducing Stress In Men
These tips for reducing stress for men are designed to help the modern man cope with the new pressures today’s hectic world has created.

Men deal with stress differently to women.

While a woman may seek help from others and talk about her feelings men are more likely to bottle it up or take up some type of physical activity,

Unfortunately keeping things bottled up if not a good thing. The stress builds up and one way or another it will eventually come to the surface.

The Down Side of Bottling Up Your Feelings
Sense of isolation
Low self esteem
Likelihood of substance abuse
Increased risk of heart attacks
All these symptoms can lead to more serious situations such as suicide or violence. Studies have shown that men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women. They are also more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol for support often leading to violence. With all that built up stress inside this is not surprising news.

Men Shouldn’t Get Stressed, Right?

Little boys are often taught that to be a man you must be strong at all times, be able to cope with every situation and to keep their emotions at bay.

Now these qualities are very admirable and do in a lot of situations help men to get through their life, however where stress is concerned this approach is not always the best one.

But by not facing up to and dealing with problems or feelings of stress, you are simply letting them build up for another day and that day will come.

Ineffective Coping Strategies
Often when men feel stressed they turn to other things to try and numb their anxiety. These things can either put off the inevitable or even make things worse, things such as:

Excessive drinking or smoking
Addiction to sex
Drug taking
When you find yourself turning to these for stress relief you need to stop and re-evaluate your situation and follow the tips for reducing stress.

Tips For Reducing Stress
Ok enough of the why let’s look at the how to cope with stress in your life as a man. Just because you are a man that doesn’t mean that you have to be all macho about it either. Learning to relax is for everyone.

Tackle stress as it comes along; don’t let it fester away in side.
Recognize that you are human and do not have to live up to stereotypes. Being a man means many things including having emotions and feelings and needs.
Admit to your feelings of stress. This could either be to someone else or to yourself. Writing down how you feel can be very therapeutic.
Exercise is a great stress buster as well as keeping you physically healthy.
Cut down on caffeine that can increase your feelings of anxiety and increase your blood pressure.
Have a laugh more often. Sounds silly but having a good laugh actually releases chemicals which help to reduce stress.
Try relaxation exercises or meditation. Don’t worry; no one need know you can do these in the comfort of your own home.
If all else fails seek help from your doctor who can talk you through other coping strategies such as medication or counselling.

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