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Stressed out women

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Stressed Out Women
Especially At That Time Of The Month
Stressed out women at least once a month anyway will know that our female hormones play a part in how we feel and that is usually more stressed than ever.

But have you wondered if there was a connection between being female, our monthly cycle and stress?

Well guess what there is and that is why stressed out women everywhere should find out why and how they can reduce the affects.

Estrogen: Not Just For Fertility
The female hormone Oestrogen does not more than you think. Yes it regulates our ovulation and so affects our fertility but it also does many other things too.


Oestrogen also protects the heart from cardiovascular disease. That is why women are less likely to suffer a heart attack than men. Unfortunately the levels of the female hormone Oestrogen start to drop and reduce by around 80% after menopause. At this time we loss some of the protection for the heart and are then at the same risk as men.


The Stress Danger

We all know stress is a killer if left unmanaged and one of the reasons for this is because during times of stress the levels of estrogen drop during these periods.

This is because the adrenal gland is overworked trying to cope with the stress by pumping out more of the stress hormones such as Cortisol.

This means that during these periods of stress our level of protection for our heart is reduced. Add to the fact that during the same period of stress studies have shown that the heart starts to build up plaque which adds to the risk of heart disease.

So by allowing stress to take over, we are actually putting ourselves at risk from heart attacks and heart disease. This is one of the major reasons why stressed out women need to manage their levels of stress at all times.

PMS and stressed out women
Hands up all those women who love their monthly period? Thought so, not many if any at all. Why, well as we all know this time of the month can be very stressful in itself, it can cause:

Discomfort and pain
Irritability and anger
These are just a few of the symptoms which can lead to stressed out women every month (I’m sure many men would agree too).

So How Can We Reduce The Affects of Stress During Our Periods?
Drink lots of water to reduce the bloating

Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Eat more calcium such as yoghurt as this has been shown to help reduce PMS

Take warm baths

Try relaxation methods such as meditation and breathing exercises

Get plenty of sleep

Reducing the pain experienced will help to relax you too. Pain killers can be taken but if you prefer something a little more natural you could try raspberry leaf tea or evening primrose oil.

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