Stress And Anger And Other Male Anxiety Problems
Stress and anger problems are just one of the symptoms men can experience when they become overly stressed and anxious.

Being stressed out is not just a problem for women but also for many men these days.

Men too need to realize that they need to find and practice stress relief on a regular basis.

This will help them to manage stress and prevent other stress related problems such as depression and erectile dysfunction to name but two.

Stress and Anger – More in men?

Why is stress and anger more of an issue for men? Well it is mainly down to the male hormone Testosterone which makes men more prone to aggressive behavior then women.

Unfortunately being aggressive all the time can get you into loos of trouble and will cause an excessive production of the stress hormones to build up. Equally though bottling up feelings of anger and aggression will also cause a build up of tension and anxiety.

Stress and Depression
Being depressed is seen by many men something they do not want to own up to. They try to hide it and of course this will lead to frustration and yes anger too.

Admitting to feeling depressed and seeking help should be seen as a sign of strength and not weakness. You’ll be surprised how many other people will respect you for this, many of whom will be able to empathize with your symptoms and fully understand your problem.

Once help is sort for depression and the symptoms are eased you will be better placed to be able to tackle the stress in your life which may have been the cause of your depression in the first place.

See the symptoms of depression to see if you recognize them in your own behavior.

Erectile Dysfunction and The Stress Factor
Erectile dysfunction or impotence can be caused by many things and needs to be investigated by a doctor to find the true cause. But it can also be caused by minor or short term bouts of stress.

Imagine for instance if for some reason you experience an incidence of erectile dysfunction, possibly caused by tiredness or excessive alcohol, you may then start to worry that it will happen again, causing stress and bingo, it does happen again.

So if it has been diagnosed as being caused by stress or worry then you need to break this cycle. This is done by finding the root cause of your anxiety and to tackle it head on. Possible causes may be:

Depression (which can cause loss of sex drive)
Relationship problems
Unresolved sexuality issues
Worries about the future
Once you are aware of the possible cause you can tackle it head on. See a doctor if the cause needs medication, practice relaxation techniques often, the more you practice the better your body and mind will become at relaxing.

See some of our other pages for ideas on coping and reducing stress.

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