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Retirement stress

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Retirement Stress: Anxiety In The Older Man
Retirement stress and general male anxiety in older men is quite common and should not be ignored.

It could ruin the time of your life when you should be enjoying yourself now that you have more free time for yourself.

So what causes the older male to become stressed and anxious, here are some of the most common causes:

Loss of job after many years working. Suddenly finding that you have so much time on your hands and the stress of change can make some men feel very anxious. Also some men use their job as a way of saying who they are, without it they may find that they have lost their identity.
Loss of physical fitness can be stressful to men. They may find that they are losing their hair, are gaining weight and no longer have the strength they once did.
As men get older they can sometimes lose their sex drive, this may be due to hormone change and may be able to be put right with medication from the doctor.
Some men find it even harder than women to cope when they lose their partner of many years. This is especially true if their roles in the relationship were very traditional, where the wife did all the cooking and cleaning etc.
Coping with Retirement Stress

It is very important that these worries and stresses are not ignored as depression can often follow if left unmanaged.

Keep Busy – Find a new hobby, go back to college (it’s never too late to learn), take a part time job or help out as a volunteer.

Stay active and fit – make gentle exercise a part of your daily routine. A strong body is a body which fights stress. Tai Chi is a good option for the older person as a gentle form of exercise.

Meet new people – Join a local social group or take up a hobby which requires going to meetings every week. Social contact is a great stress buster.

Consider getting a pet for companionship. Dogs and cats also help to lower blood pressure by helping you to relax. A dog will also keep you active and may even help you to meet fellow dog walkers in the park.

Learn to unwind and relax – Use meditation and other stress relief techniques daily.

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