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Personality test

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Personality Test
Take our quick personality test to see what your personality type is. Based on your personality type you can determine if you are more prone to stress and therefore stress related illnesses. The more you learn about your own stress, the more you will be able to find ways to manage your stress that will work for YOU.

Always (5) Usually (4) Sometimes (3) Rarely (2) Never (1)
Do you find it hard to delegate?
Do you move your hands around when you talk?
Do you get impatient easily?
Are you ambitious?
Is work your whole life, no hobbies etc
Do you eat quickly?
Do you lose your temper when frustrated?
Do you hate to lose?
Do you hide your feelings?
Do you tap your fingers on the desk?
Do you finish other peoples sentences?
Are you a slave driver?
Do you do more than one thing at once?
Do you like do things quickly?
Do you hate being late?
Do you crave appreciation for your work?
Do you speak quickly?
Do you feel rushed all the time?
Do you interupt others?

Are you always thinking ahead?
Your personality test results
As you answer the above questions make a note of your score for each question. Once you are finished add up your total and use the below scale to see your personality type result.

Score over 80:

Classic type A personality, you need to try and change to prevent health problems.


Score 65 – 80:

Moderate type A – Slow down and don’t try to push yourself too hard.


Score 56 – 64:

mixed A/B – you have a good balance and as long as this balance remains you have the right mix.


Score 40 – 55:

More type B than A – You are less likely to suffer from stress


Score below 40:

Laid Back personality – maybe a little too much. Make sure you have goals in your life and you strive for them.

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