Nursing Textbooks
Nursing textbooks can be very expensive.

Did you know you can buy textbooks online, and probably for less money than at the college bookstore?

We have used a variety of online stores to purchase textbooks and this list includes some of our favorites. They have also had some great deals!

Nursing textbooks are available for purchase, rent and even as ebooks.

Nursing textbooks – New, used, download, rent, ebooks

Buy – new or used, rent or download your books:

Many textbooks resources offer more than one choice, and don’t forget to return books you purchase for some money back to buy books for the next semester. Personally I saved all by books.. it was a great idea at the time. Now I realize the basics was good but I have no idea why I saved my chemistry books for example.. I have not touched that one. Most sites and college book stores have great buy back programs.

Many college bookstores and online stores will rent textbooks for the semester. You can save money and often get a new book to use for the semester. This can be a great option because you know what you are paying up front rather than waiting to see what you can get for selling your book back. If you are hard on your books you may not want to consider renting as you do need to keep your books in good shape. We have rented from the college bookstore and it worked well, we also know some students that have used other sites and were happy with the prices.

Some options include: where you can buy new, used and ebooks, or rent textbooks.

Ecampus is site we have personally used a lot. We had no problems with them and even got a free T-shirt with our first order which turned out to be a great sleep shirt. This great site has new, used, e-textbooks and rentals all at great prices.

E-books/ e-textbooks are becoming more and more popular. Ebooks are available for e-readers such as kindle fire and computers. The kindle reader app is a great tool to read your ebooks on any device. Some online textbooks are for download to your computer while others are totally online and available from any computer. We have not tried ebooks to study with.. we suppose we are showing our age but we can’t seem to get away from paper and highlighting to study and take notes. For our government class we were required to purchase the online book to use the tests included but we had a hard time reading it on the screen so purchased the book as well. Now this was several years ago so now it may be easier to get used to an online version as I absolutely love my kindle for break time reading.

Lately we have been loving on amazon and they have loads of textbooks.. find books for your core classes as well as your nursing fundamentals.

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