Nursing CEU’s (continuing education) in nursing is a requirement to renew your nursing license.

The number of contact hours needed depends on the state in which you hold your license. Look for your state board of nursing for their requirements.

There are a variety of ways to obtain the required nursing continuing education hours. There are courses available through magazine publications and books, and a variety of hours are available online as well. These online education hours can often be purchased in packages that allow completion of a specific number of hours. There are also many sites that offer free continuing education hours.

Certain college classes may also qualify as contact hours toward your license. According to the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners one academic credit hour is equal to 15 contact hours but your state may vary. Nursing classes for credit toward a higher degree qualify but prerequisites such as biology and math do not. Prior to counting your nursing classes toward your contact hours please confirm with your state board as this will vary and the requirements may vary at times.

There are also many education books offering nursing ceus upon completion of a post test.

Hot Topics:

Breast cancer awareness. Learn more about breast cancer in this great course that includes caring for your patients with cancer as well as preventative care. 8 hours for $45.00. This course is available until September 2, 2019.

It’s that time of year again.

Influenza: Seasonal Flu 2017-2018 Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention from 2 hours for $18.00

On the topic of cancer.. both yourself and your patients would definitely benefit from this great new book.. a holistic look at cancer prevention and treatment. Interested in Cancer nursing care.. click here for more info..

You may also be interested in this great book:  The Cancer Revolution

Interested in Cancer nursing care.. read more 

Some great sites we have found that offer nursing ceu courses:

We search for great CEU resources and these are some of the sites we use ourselves….

Advance for nurses magazine offers a variety of online CEU courses at a reasonable price. They also have a 12 month unlimited package.

CEUfast offers a yearly subscription for unlimited contact hours at a reasonable price.

The National Center for Continuing Education offers several online or by mail nursing contact hour courses.  They offer package pricing for an increased value. Check out their site for a catalog of courses. offers a variety of continuing education courses. Visit their website for a full list of offerings. offers unlimited education hours for a flat fee. offers a variety of courses.  They offer individual courses or packages for 30 ceu’s.

The March of Dimes offers a variety of continuing education contact hours on perinatal nursing that may be purchased in print or through online modules.

Need help to keep on track with your CEU's?

Medication error education

There is an excellent article on American Nurse Today by Pamela Anderson called Medication errors: Don't let them happen to you. This is a great article, I highly recommend everyone read the free article.

Pamela Anderson and Terri Townsend have another great article on American Nurse Today: Preventing high-alert medication errors in hospital patients.   This article is available for FREE online reading and does offer 1.1 nursing ceu's for purchase if desired.

I strongly believe in nurses as patient advocates and empowering our patients to be their own advocates is an important piece.  Check out this great article by Amy Karch also published on American Nurse Today : Preventing medication errors by empowering patients.  It is a great read and does offer 1.07 ceu's for purchase but it is FREE to read. offers a variety of continuing education courses. One of their current offerings is for 1.5 ceu's entitled Burnout: Coping with Job-Related Stress in Healthcare. Something every nurse may benefit from. is offering a 1 credit course course on From 'Distress' to 'De-stress' With Stress Management. This course is free to subscribers of their unlimited CEU package. It is also available for purchase. It will be updated or discontinued by 2/9/19.

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Do you scramble the last few months before renewal to get the remainder of your CEUs complete. We have and we decided we won’t let it happen again.

Planning is key. As part of our planning we have created a monthly reminder series.. to remind us.

The other methods have not worked but having someone say… hey time to work on your CEU’s.. and by the way here are some ideas.. well I can go for that.

So I made this for myself. Short little to do lists that will pop up and tell me what I should do.. and I actually listen.

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