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Male midlife crisis

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So what is the male midlife crisis? Although both women and men can go through this period of uncertainly it is mainly referred to in respect of men than women.

The midlife crisis happens around the 30 to 45 age mark, it was thought to be due to hormonal changes but this has not been proved.

It is the time of a man’s life where he may start to reflect and feel dissatisfied with certain areas of his life such as:

  • Becoming bored with his job
  • Begin to wonder if they have missed out on things in their live
  • Feel that their relationships have become stale
  • Generally become bored with life

Symptoms of The Crisis

How men handle this period in their lives very much depends on who they are as a person and just how deeply they feel about their situation.

Of course the common joke is that some men go out and get themselves a young girlfriend or buy a red sports car to spice up their lives. If this does happen it rarely works for very long and they soon become dissatisfied again.

Other men may decide to change their job for something completely different. Now this is fine if thought through properly. But jumping ship without planning can lead to financial problems later.

The not so adventurous man may find that when the male midlife crisis descends on him, he will experience periods of depression, anxiety and withdrawal from daily life.

Stress And The Male Midlife Crisis

So what has stress got to do with the midlife crisis? Well if you have let stress build up due to things like unresolved relationship problems or anxiety or dissatisfaction at work then this build up at lead on to the final crisis.

If you are in the middle of your own midlife crisis you will know that it in itself causes stress due to the changes you may have made to combat it. Change can be extremely stressful, especially things like job change.

Coping With The Midlife Crisis

The best way to cope with the male midlife crisis is to avoid it all together. This can be achieved by managing stress in your life now, so that you don’t find yourself in an unhappy job or relationship and are generally relaxed and happy with your life.

However if you are reading this you may be experiencing your own male midlife crisis and want to know how best to cope with it. The following stress relief for men tips should be able to point you onto the right track at getting through this period in your life.

Time to evaluate where you are in your life and where you would have liked to have been. Do this when you are on your own have some quiet time to yourself, this will require some serious thinking.


1. Write down things you would have liked to have done in your life and think about how realistic or achievable they are.

Now look at the ones that are realistic and achievable. Ask yourself are these really things I want or only things I think I want? Think hard about each one, even imagine yourself having or doing this thing to see if it really appeals to you.

Now with the ones that are left, spend some time and write down what you would need to do to achieve these goals. It may be helpful to talk through these goals and steps with your partner.


2. If you are having concerns about your current relationship, then now is the time to face them together. Just because things are not right between you it doesn’t mean that the best solution is to give up on it. Instead spend some quality time together and talk about it. It may be that making some changes within the relationship will help. Think about:

Would a holiday together help at this time
Perhaps change your daily routines
Talk about any sexual difficulties
Pay more attention to each other in future


3. If work is a problem, perhaps it’s time to think about the real causes and try and do something about them.

List what you hate about your job, then think about if there are anything that could be done that would change these areas of your job.

Discuss with your work colleagues or manager to see if any of these positive changes could be made.

If you simply hate what you do, then take your time to think about what sort of work you would like and how you could go about getting such work. It may mean taking courses and staying in your current job until you qualify, but you will have a goal.


4. Think about yourself and how you are with other people.

Do you have some good friends that you see regularly?
Do you enjoy your free time?
Do you spend enough time with your family and spend time caring for them.
If the answers are no then these are areas of your life that perhaps need to be changed so that your life can become more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Spend some time on yourself and your own well being to help you get through the male midlife crisis. Following some of the stress relief techniques and coping strategies will also provide you will a more relaxed approach to life.

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