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Job stress

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Are you feeling job stress? Maybe your job is not the right one for you.

Job Stress is not an uncommon factor in many of our lives, but do you ever wonder if it’s not actually the job that is stressful but the fact that your personality is not right for it?

The answer to a more relaxed working life could be that you find a job which suits your personality better.

After all if you don’t like driving you wouldn’t want to be a taxi driver or if you’re someone who is afraid of spiders you wouldn’t want to work in the reptile house at the zoo.

Perhaps it’s time to really look at your job and your own personality and see if there is a mismatch which could be causing your job stress.

Is your job stress high?

Some jobs are simply more stressful than others and that’s just the way it is. So it’s important that people who are doing those jobs are more able to cope with these high levels of workplace stress.

They will be able to do their work better but will also be less likely to be affected mentally or physically by the work stress involved.

Let’s take a look at some examples of different types of jobs with different sorts of pressures but all can cause high levels of stress.

High Stress Jobs

  • Nurses and Doctors – Long hours and lots of pressure
  • Police and Firemen – Danger involved
  • Traffic Warden – Nobody likes you and you can face abuse on a daily basis.
  • Actors – Job uncertainty, irregular work
  • Office workers – many are low paid and have little control over their daily work
  • Bar staff and waiters – low pay long unsociable hours
  • Teachers – pressure to meet targets and a heavy workload for little pay
  • Factory workers – unpleasant working conditions, excessive noise etc .


Now let’s take a look at some jobs where job stress is less of an issue

Lower Stress Jobs

  • Gardener – working outside and control work done
  • Librarian – Quiet job
  • Museum worker – little time pressures
  • Craft worker – Often doing work they enjoy and which is creative
  • Farm Laborer – do not have the same pressures as the farmer

So Which Job Are You?

Not being able to cope with a high stressed job is by no means something you should be ashamed of, it simply means that your particular personality is not suited to it. After all we are not all the same and what a dull world it would be if we were.

Our personality test shows you what sort of person you are, so take a look at the sort of work you do and see if there is a mismatch. If you come to realise that your job does not suit your personality and you are experiencing high levels of stress which you are finding hard to cope with, then it could be time to rethink your work options.

As an example:

If you have a personality that craves excitement and action on a regular basis, it is very unlikely that you will be happy working in a library and even though the work itself is not very stressful it will cause YOU stress very quickly.

If you have a personality that likes to be quiet and work alone, then being a nurse or policemen is probably not the right job for you.

Of course it is not always possible to simply change jobs but if you are aware that your work is causing you job stress because it’s not right for you, then perhaps you can start to plan for the future. Perhaps take some courses to re-train for something else, or keep an eye out for jobs which would be better suited to you.

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