Help For Nurse Burnout

What can you do to prevent or cure nurse burnout:

Do you need help for nurse burnout? Are you losing your passion for your current area of nursing? Do you need a mental refresh or maybe it is time for a change. There are so many different types of nursing careers.

If you no longer love what you do, it is time to step back and take a break. Refresh your mind, body and spirit.

Many of us get to this point and after taking a break you may realize your passion for your previous role is still quite strong. Maybe a break is all you needed to help your nurse burnout and you can return to that specialty.

Some of you may find another type of nursing that turns out to be something you love even more. The options for nurses really are endless.

Other help for nurse burnout: treat and prevent

maintain a work-life balance or study-life balance

keep in touch with family and friends for support

take care of yourself – a proper diet and exercise regimen can keep both your body and mind healthy, exercise is a great stress reliever and improves your energy level

maintain your spiritual health by attending services or bible study

get involved in task forces at work to improve processes

join or start a morale committee for your unit, you may not be the only one feeling down and needing help for nurse burnout

look for advancement opportunities you may be interested in that can lead to a change within your area

look for seminars offered at your place of employment or school/college for managing stress

student nurses – form a group to take breaks with, 30 minutes out can clear your head. In nursing school my favorite break spot was Robin’s Donuts that was across the street. A short walk and relaxing with another student was great. We were then able to hit the books when we got back to the dorm. Now I am in an RN-BSN program and work full time, Starbucks or Barnes and Nobles helps but unfortunately they are a little farther to go then I would like and I often go alone and take my books. It actually does help. When I start getting distracted too easily it is time to head back home. Another bonus is that both also have wi-fi, depending on your internet provider it can be free.

work on improving study skills to be more productive

learn time management strategies

if you work in an area with a high rate of patient loss, take advantage of any grief counseling that is offered, even if you don’t think you need it

take your meal breaks, seriously, many of us skip this, take advantage of it to clear your head

use your vacation time/school breaks, take a trip or just relax, but use your time off to destress

Help for Nurse Burnout… We all need help sometimes. Don’t be afraid to admit it and talk to someone. Your body and mind will thank you for it! And so will your patients!

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