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Family stress

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Family Stress:
Becoming A Parent For The First Time
Everyone has experienced family stress at some point in their lives. It’s almost guaranteed in one respect, after all different personalities thrown together in close proximity day after day. Stress is bound to rear it ugly head at some point.

Stress can begin affecting your family quite early on, in fact from the moment you know you are going to move from being just a couple to becoming a family.

It can be stressful and worrying just being pregnant not to mention the next 18 years of your life looking after a whole new person.

The last thing on most first time parent’s minds is stress, they are too busy actually being stressed to realize and that’s the problem.

It is all to easy to be swept along on the wave of excitement and anticipation of becoming a parent to stop and notice that you are experiencing pressure which could, if left unchecked, cause illness later on.


Becoming A Parent
These are the words of a friend of mine who recently became a parent for the first time.

“She never sleeps and cries if I am not playing with her all the time. I can’t seem to get anything else done. My house looks like a total wreck and I’m so tired that I snap at my husband for the slightest thing”

Does this sound familiar to you?
I suspect that every new parent finds it quite a shock to the system during the first few months. Unfortunately all that change in routine, lack of sleep, worry and constant pressure, is bound to build up and start to stress not only the mind but also the body too.

The last thing you need at this time of your life is to become ill and unable to care for your baby. So keeping the affects of stress to a minimum is vital, here are a few tips to help reduce these affects.

Helpful tips for Family Stress
Plan ahead – I don’t just mean sorting out everything you will need to care for your baby when it’s born. Reduce future family stress by thinking about how your life will change, make a list and try to make plans that will reduce any negative affects these things may have. This list may include things like: Money, sexual relationship with partner, social life, personal care.
Communication – talking not shouting has a double benefit. You will feel unburned and your partner may be able to provide help or support.
Support – Find local baby groups before you have your baby. Find out what sorts of things they do and if they would interest you. Meeting regularly with people in a similar situation as yourself can be of great help.
Pressure – Let go of any expectations that you can do everything and perfectly all the time. Realize that you are human and that no one is the perfect mum or dad. Give yourself a break and put down any mistakes as a learning experience. When things go wrong, stop, breath and relax your body. Your baby will benefit from calmer parents too.
Put the early signs of family stress behind you now before things really start to get on top of you. Take time out and discover some stress relief techniques which will enable you to cope with whatever each new day with your baby throws at you.


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