Cardiology Nursing….Nurses Caring For The Heart

Cardiology nursing is one of the many different types of nursing careers available.

Cardiac nurses care for individuals with problems of the heart, blood vessels and the circulatory system, also referred to as disease of the cardiovascular system.

You may work with infants with congenital heart disease, a middle aged adult with a heart attack (myocardial infarction), or an elderly patient with congestive heart failure, or a condition anywhere in between. You may also care for patient’s before or after a heart transplant.

Cardiac nurses may work in a variety of settings that include a telemetry or cardiac unit, an cardiac intensive care unit in a hospital, or a cardiology clinic.

There are also a variety of options to work in a cardiac surgery area or the heart catheterization lab, as well as a variety of other procedure and testing areas such as electrocardiograms or stress tests. Cardiac problems can affect any age group from newborns to the elderly. This allows the cardiac nurse to be able to specialize by age group as well as medical condition.

Cardiac resource materials and patient information:

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute offers a variety of reference materials and resources for the public and health care professionals.

The American Heart Association is a great resource. The site is full of information for nurses and student nurses, as well as for the general public. This site is a great reference for patient education tools and resources. It covers information on healthy living, the symptoms of heart attack and stroke, details on the DASH diet and much more all at your fingertips.

It’s My Heart is a great patient resource for pediatric cardiology nurses. This site has been an excellent resource for reference materials on acquired and congenital heart defects. Families will find helpful information. They can connect with other families and find support here as well.  This site appears to be done but has expanded outside of the Houston area.  We will update the resources soon but are leaving it here for anyone who wants to research.  It’s My Heart was started my a local family who went through it themselves and were a great support group.

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