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Hi, my name is Jackie. I have been a nurse for many years (more than I want to admit) and have worked in a variety of settings. My experiences include nursing homes, and hospital units such as pediatrics, newborn nursery, neonatal intensive care, combined care, day medicine, and surgery. I have also worked for clinics as a telephone triage nurse in adult and pediatrics. I have worked in home health settings as both visit nurse, private duty nurse and supervisor/case manager. I have also worked as an insurance pediatric and neonatal case manager and a hospital based case manager.

How did we get here

While currently working on my bachelors degree in nursing through an online program I have spent numerous hours researching and reading websites and articles. It occured to me that having some of these tools I have collected along the way may be beneficial to other nursing students.  So Nurses Neighborhood (NN) was born.

Another thing that was helpful was sharing reference lists with other students. We often take different quotes out of the article for different assignments so it is very helpful to share.  Referring to the references from the articles also helps to find more articles that may be beneficial. So I am sharing some of my reference pages from my nursing assignments and papers.

With the online program, a discussion forum was utilized as a classroom chat of sorts. These posts also required references, often from professional websites. Again, a list of these resources should be helpful to future students.

I also hope to add forums to discuss some of these assignments that are a norm among the different programs.

While researching how to best share this information I found a website about building a nursing business is the Nurse Entrepreneur network. Read more here. They offer a variety of resources and tools that have been helpful.

Then I found Solo Build It. I have started my website, talking about what I already know, nursing and nursing classes. I plan to expand my site a great deal, but with school it is a slow process. Solo Build It gives me all of the tools I need to create this site. I did not know how to build a website, I did not know any html. I am learning, but with Solo Build It I don’t have to. If I can do this anyone can.

Solo Build It now offers monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Read more about Solo Build It HERE! See how you can make money from home and build your own business.

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