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Male hormones

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Male Hormones And The Stress Factor
One of the main male hormones is of course Testosterone. It is responsible for giving men their masculine characteristics such as:

Facial hair,
Voice depth
Dominant behaviour etc.
Mental and physical stress has been shown to affect the levels of testosterone produced in the body and so should be monitored and managed constantly.

Testosterone is a hormone which effects behavior and in fact can also be affected by behavior, so it is rather complex in nature.

For instance traditionally, men were the ones who would go out to work and provide their families with food and money etc. However this may not necessarily still be the case in today’s society. Many families have the roles reversed, with the woman going out to work and the male staying at home with the children.

Now this is perfectly fine if both parties enjoy this situation. But if you have a man who needs to have a more traditional dominant male role and hasn’t got one, this can be a source of stress. This in turn can lean to a drop in testosterone levels which will reduce his self confidence and cause more frustration and anxiety.

Male Hormones And Reproductive Ability

A low testosterone level means a lower sperm count than normal and this mean that it reduces the chance of having children.

Now a low testosterone level can be caused by many different medical factors. But as stress has definitely been shown to affect the level of this essential of all the male hormones, it should definitely not be left unmanaged, especially when you are trying for a family.

Stress Relief For Men
So to ensure that your reproductive fitness is at its best to give you the best chance of having a family, stress relief should be high on your list of to do’s. In fact it can be very helpful for both parties to practice stress relief techniques together.

Follow these simple steps on your road to relaxation and stress relief.

Make sleep a priority. A refreshed body and mind is far more capable of tackling everyday stresses.
Eat a healthy diet. A strong healthy body is essential for a balanced system.
Keep well hydrated.
Practice breathing exercises together, this can be a very calming and bonding experience.
Meditation with help to promote a positive outlook and help to control your emotions when things get on top of you.
Don’t let anger build up, learn to let it go. See our stress relief techniques and coping pages for more ideas.

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