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Nurses Neighborhood: Your Nursing Profession Community

The nursing profession has so many options. There are so many different types of nursing careers to choose from. Whether you are just starting to look at becoming a nurse, in nursing school or ready to try something new you have come to the right place.

We are here to share resources for all aspects of your nursing journey.

Nurse? Student? Interested in nursing? You are in the right place! We have information here for all of you.

First I want to congratulate all of us. Nursing is such a caring profession and we should all be proud to be a part of it.

Are you looking at becoming a nurse? We have information on the types of nursing degrees.

Nursing offers so many degree choices, from LPN to ADN to BSN to MSN and higher! Where are you starting? Where will you end up? Are you a nurse returning for a higher degree? Are you working full time while you advance your nursing profession? Review our information about returning to school and time management.

Recently graduated? Now you enter the “real world” and your knowledge base continues to grow. Looking to go back and review some nursing fundamentals? Looking for articles to read? Let us help..

Already a nurse? Looking for some continued nursing education credits (nursing CEU’s)? We have put together a list of some great sites to get you started working on the CEU’s you need to maintain your nursing license, and some are FREE.

Experiencing some nurse burnout ? Burnout occurs in nursing just as with any profession. Changing your specialty area is a great way to help deal with nurse burnout. Check out some of the great specialty areas for all types of nurses! We would love to see your comments on the areas of nursing you love the most!!

Where do you find your best resources?? Students and nurses both.. this is a career where the learning will never end. Let’s share!!

Returning to school has become the norm.. at least where I work.. and that is why I started this journey. BSN has become the entry level nursing recommendation and those of us with a lower degree are being encouraged to return to school. I now have my BSN and that is where I plan to stop but many nurses I work with are now working on their MSN. Many areas also have nursing certifications to validate your expertise in a specific specialty area. I am now a certified case manager and maybe some day a certified nurse auditor.

At the Nurses Neighborhood we are here to help you through starting or continuing your nursing career.

We would love for everyone to come together and share their experience, good or bad. Share your references and study resources with us!

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Hi there and welcome to Nurses Neighborhood.  I am Jackie and I have created this site afetr going through my online BSN program and finding how helpful it was to have someone to share my journey with and bounce ideas off of.  I struggle with fitting topics to assignments and talking it out made ideas pop.  Sharing references is also a wonderful time saver.  Researching references for weekly assignment posts was so time consuming.  Sharing these resources is wonderful as everyone may have a different thing they pull from it or use the same references in a later week’s assignment.  Read more about me and why I made this site..

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