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What are the Different Types of Nurses?

There are many different types of nurses.

There are many types of nursing careers available making the nursing profession very flexible. The nursing career choices are almost endless.

Nurses can work in a variety of settings and in a variety of specialties. If you are interested in becoming a nurse you can rest easy knowing that you are making a career choice that offers you so much.

You may feel you are interested in a certain area only to find you are not when you are actually there. There are so many areas to work in that if that happens you can easily move on to other areas or try other nursing specialties. If you are a nurse looking for a change, the same applies, your nursing career choices allow you to change settings when you need a change.

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General Nursing

This type of nursing involves caring for routine hospital patients either post operatively or with medical conditions requiring hospitalization.

Many nurses start their career working on a regular medical or surgical floor. This is a great setting to practice your nursing skills.

Many nurses will stay with this type of nursing, while others will move on and experiment with some of the different types of nursing careers available.

Geriatric Nurses

Nursing related to caring for the elderly. Geriatric nurses can work in a variety of settings such as the hospital, nursing homes and home health.

Pediatric Nurses

Pediatric nursing includes several specialty areas.  These nursing areas  involves caring for infants and children. There are many nursing specialties related to pediatrics. These options include nursing care of newborns, neonatal intensive care, pediatric oncology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric cardiac intensive care, pediatric intensive care, pediatric intermediate care, pulmonary care, as well as routine medical and surgical pediatric nursing. 

pediatric nurse career
neonatal nursing

Specialty areas: So many types of nurses

Nursing Specialty Areas:

Cardiac Nurses - Care of individuals with cardiac disease

Dialysis Nurses - Care of inidividuals requiring dialysis

Oncology Nurses - Caring for individuals diagnosed and receiving treatment for cancer

oncology nursing

Nursing Specialty Areas:

Cardiac Nurses - Care of individuals with cardiac disease

Dialysis Nurses - Care of inidividuals requiring dialysis

Oncology Nurses - Caring for individuals diagnosed and receiving treatment for cancer

Surgical nurses - Surgical nursing includes the operating room nurse, the recovery room nurse and the surgical floor nurse

Emergency Room Nurses - Caring for individuals presenting to the emergency room with trauma or illness

Community based specialty areas:

School Nurses - Care for children with illness or injury during the school day

Community Health Nurses - Nurses who work out in the community as home health nurses or providing community education

Clinic Nurses - Nurses working in clinics or doctors offices, also can be specialized such as pediatric clinics, or any other medical specialty

Other Nursing Specialties

There are many nursing specialties outside of general patient care. These areas include nursing case management, legal nurse consulting, forensic nursing, and more.

Travel nursing is a great option for anyone who wants to travel.  Many types of nurses can travel, including specialty area nurses.  Continue to work as you move to different areas of the country and play the tourist role on your days off!


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