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Registered Nursing Jobs:
Considering A Travel Nurse Assignment?

Are you thinking about a travel nurse assignment? 

Do you want to travel?

travel nurse solutionsOcean view from your nursing travel housing

Do you dream about visiting a specific city, or even several different cities?

Travel nursing can do that for you.

Travel nursing allows you to travel anywhere in the country, and you get PAID to do it.

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Travel assignments vary in length and location. Assignments often range from 12 weeks to 6 months. You have the control to have your application submitted only to the assignments you are interested in. You choose your specialty area, location, and the length of the assignment.

Many travel nurse assignments provide free housing in some form. It may be an apartment of your own, you may have room mates, or they may have a company apartment that you share with other travel nurses. Some offer a stipend to help you pay for your own housing. This may be an option even in your own city!! What could be better than that??

You get paid to work just as you normally would be doing from home, but you have less living expenses and if you travel you get to see new sites!

Dream about looking over the water from your balcony? You may be able to make that happen!

Travel nurse agencies

There are many travel nurse agencies. We are reviewing the agencies to provide you with a list of the top 5. Have a recommendation? Send us an email with your favorite and why through our contact us page or drop a comment below.

Request agency information.. FREE

  • American Mobile
  • Cross Country TravCorps
  • Fastaff Travel Nursing - shorter assignments of 4-13 weeks
  • Nursesrx

Our upcoming membership area to Nurses Neighborhood includes assistance with applying to any of the travel nurse agencies! (minimum 3 month plan)

What are some advantages of a travel nurse assignment?

  • travel!!
  • you can see several different cities in a short period of time
  • low cost of living
  • test out a city you are interested in before you make the move
  • test out a new employer before you accept a permanent position
  • you can travel with a nurse friend
  • working on a higher degree? Online nursing programs can be completed anywhere, so even while in school you are not tied to a certain city
  • accept only the assignments you want
  • love your job and location? Sometimes you can renew your assignment or take a regular position when your assignment has finished
  • take a break after each assignment if you want (many companies offer a bonus upon assignment completion!)
  • when you feel you have done enough traveling, settle in a city you liked, or go back home

What are some disadvantages of a travel nurse assignment?

What are some disadvantages of a travel nurse assignment?

  • you may not like the assignment you accepted (but the good news is you know when it will end)
  • you may not like the location (again the good news is you know it is temporary and you know when it will end)
  • you may love the location and there may not be a renewal assignment available
  • some short assignments may be difficult for families with children, especially those with school age children
  • taking several short assignments with a lot of moving can be tiresome for some nurses

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