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Interested in a Pediatric nurse career?

pediatric nurse career

Do you love working with infants and children?

A pediatric nurse career may be just what you are looking for.

There are many types of nursing careers. One of your options is to become a nurse that works with infants, children, or adolescents.

This nursing specialty works with infants and children in a variety of settings.

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Pediatric nurse career work areas 

These settings include:

  • children's hospitals
  • hospitals with a pediatric unit
  • a pediatrician's office
  • a variety of specialty clinics that care for children
  • pediatric home health

In this specialized field you can also care for newborn infants. Care of the newborn infant includes the normal newborn nursery and the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Other specialty areas under the scope of pediatric nursing include:

  • pediatric intensive care (PICU)
  • pediatric intermediate care (PCU or IMU)
  • pediatric cardiac intensive care
  • pediatric cardiology
  • pediatric surgery
  • pediatric oncology

Pediatric nursing is a very specialized area and it takes a special kind of nurse to work in this area. These special nurses take care of children as well as their families.  When dealing with sick children the family plays an important role in the care of the child.   You will build a relationship with the parents and/or caretakers as well as the child, which is an important piece of the emotional care of the patient and family.

As a nursing specialty, a certification is available for pediatric nurses.

There are also more specialized nursing certifications available for the pediatric specialty areas such as the neonatal nurse certification. The certification exam may be written when you have met the qualifications as outlined in the certification process for the area you are interested in.

All certification exam criteria include that you have worked in that specific  specialty area for a certain period of time prior to applying. When you pass the exam and obtain your certification it will emphasize your knowledge and skills in this area to your employer, your coworkers, and the families you care for. There are many study guides available including these great flashcards.

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October 2 - 6, 2017 - Celebrate Pediatric Nurses Week

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