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Integration To The Nursing ProfessionThe Transition From RN To BSN

The first class in the RN to BSN online program was a class about transitioning into the nursing profession. This online class discussed the differences in the registered nurse versus a bachelor in nursing degree, and this transition into the nursing profession from RN to BSN. This class reviewed some basics from nursing school (the ADN program), such as nursing theories, nursing process, fundamentals of nursing, and reviewed some of the history of nursing. This class was a review but also made student nurses look at why they became a nurse, and discussed the ways that a bachelor in nursing degree leads to a more advanced role in the nursing profession.

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This class gave an overview of what would be included in the RN to BSN program. Much of the class was geared toward what it meant to be a nurse and what made nursing a profession. It also started the process of learning how to perform nursing research.

No matter which program you are taking, most, if not all should have an online library. This library is an invaluable resource. The university libraries offer many online tools. The library allows for research of articles and for many you can view them online. You must have a library account, but as a student that is not difficult. This class inlcuded many assignments that helped in learning how to use this tool.

TIP: Learn how to use the library for research early on in your program, it will make your life throughout your program so much easier!!

More tips for references:

Another library I found helpful was at the local community college. I am in an online nursing program but the local community college has a public library in it. This gave me easy access as it was a public library, but since it was within the college that also had a nursing program, it carried many nursing books. This particular library carried nursing textbooks, drug guides, care planning books, among many others. I was able to take out several books at a time to use them as resources for my papers and then return them for a new batch of nursing textbooks. This gave me a great variety in my references and was a great way to find what books worked and what didn't without spending a lot of money.


Professional nursing paper

The topic for my paper for this class was technology in nursing. I enjoyed this topic as it really is where the health care system is heading. Electronic medical records are already being used and many more facilities are in the transition phase. Below is a copy of my reference page to assist anyone working on this same topic. This is just the first of many papers in this journey to the nursing profession. The references are provided below, and this paper is available for review in our free members area. If you are not a member yet sign up for free access and our free newsletter here.


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Transition to professional nursing


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