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Nursing Community Outline:
Community Nursing Class

Paper topic: nursing community assessment outline

This assignment was part of the community assesssment project for the community nursing class in the RN to BSN program. This outline was the first step in the project and was submitted to the instructor. You may use this outline as a reference to obtain ideas for your own nursing community assessment project.

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Terms of use and Disclaimer: Some of the posted papers will utilize the 5th edition APA and others are based on the 6th edition. Due to instruction variances you will notice variety in writing style especially from this paper until the final papers. All papers have been submitted to turnitin. These papers are for reference only and are not to be copied or submitted as your own work.

Community Assessment Outline

XX is a child care center within my local community. They run on a regular daytime schedule and are open until 630 pm Monday to Friday to help accommodate those parents that commute in our large city. I will be performing my community assessment of this daycare facility by evaluating habits and knowledge of the daycare workers as well as statistics and policies and procedures. I will be utilizing visual assessments, interviews and questionnaires. I will attempt to utilize some online survey techniques, preferably where I can also print a copy. This will be in an attempt to have a better response rate due to ease of access with responses either online or on paper. I would like to see a greater than 85% response rate from the staff portion of the survey. The questionnaires will include an activity for each worker to complete that will involve paying attention to their health habits such as hand washing throughout the day. This activity will likely observe their habits over a span of a few work days. Initially they will guess at when/how often they already think they wash their hands. On day 1 they can do their normal routine and keep track of what they do. I do anticipate knowing they are keeping track will somewhat change their habits so will request they only record a few times a day, or mark at the sink when they use it to attempt not to disrupt a normal routine. I will be evaluating the staff for other health habits, both for themselves as well as the children they are caring for. I will also do some personal observation to assess that the reported statistics are fairly accurate. I will also be utilizing the Director/owner to collect some statistics that may already be present. I will also utilize state licensing agencies and any local agencies that are available to collect stats on our area to evaluate the group against.

I will be assessing the staff with questions such as:
- Age group
- Gender
- Nationality
- Married / single, do you have any children?
- Education level/ degree
- Length of time in current field
- Length of time in current setting (it is a fairly new daycare)
- What age group do you care for/ teach?
- Is there anything specific in this age group you need to watch for?
- What activities / routines does this classroom have?
- What nationalities are in your specific classroom?
- Do you feel you treat all the children equally?
- How many times per day do you think you wash your hands?
- Do you feel that you wash your hands adequately and appropriately?
- Before or after what activities do you generally wash your hand?
- Do you encourage the children to wash their hands? If so before or after what activities?
- Do you feel you are well educated in relation to the rationale for hand washing at these times?
- Do you believe that hand washing decreased the spread of germs?
- Would you like more information on hand washing and how to decrease the spread of germs?
- Do you have any ideas on ways to help decrease the spread of germs or infections?
- What types of educational offerings would you like to see offered in your facility? In relation to health care, cleanliness or any other topics of interest.
- What is your current health status? How often do you get sick?
- Do you come to work when you are sick? If yes, please discuss the symptoms you may have and still come to work.
- How often do you have a child with an illness in your classroom? How many? With what symptoms?
- What types of illness do you see among the children?
- Do you care for any special needs children? If yes, do you feel comfortable with this care?
- Would you like any information on certain illnesses/ diseases?
- Do you have any safety concerns?
- Do you have any health safety concerns?
- Do you know what to do in case of a fire? What is your policy to call this alarm? Where are your fire extinguishers? Do you know how to use it?

Facility Questions
- What is your employee criterion in relation to educational level?
- How many children are enrolled in your facility?
- How many children are you licensed for?
- What is your policy on sick employees coming to work?
- What is your policy on sick children attending daycare?
- Are all children up to date on their immunizations?
- Do you have children of various cultural/ ethnic backgrounds? Do you have any statistics on ratios?
- When were you last visits by the state or other inspection agencies?
- How were you rated?
- How does that compare to others in the area, city, state, and nation?
- What is your policy regarding hand washing?
- What is your policy regarding the use of wearing gloves?
- How do your policies compare to those required by the state?
- Do you have any policies on the cleanliness required of the children?
- What is your staff to child ratio by age group? Is the ratio the same for outside play time?
- How many employees (teachers) do you currently have on staff?
- Do you have a nurse on staff?
- What is your process if a child becomes ill during the day?
- What is your process if you feel a child needs immediate or urgent medical attention?
- Do you administer medications? If so who is responsible and what are your policies on that? If not what is your policy when a child requires medication?
- Do you routinely check for lice among the children?
- Do you accept special needs children? If so with what types of needs? Do you currently have any? Is your staff able to accommodate these needs?
- What are your policies/ procedures for cleaning toys?
- Do you have cleaning staff? On what type of schedule is the facility cleaned? What types of cleaning products are used?
- Have there been any employee accidents within the facility or grounds? If yes, how many/ time frame? Explain?
- Have there been any accidents with the children within the facility or grounds? If yes, how many/ time frame? Explain?
- Do you provide transportation to and from school? If so, are the drivers licensed for the size vehicle used? Have there been any traffic accidents?
- How do you communicate health / safety concerns to parents and /or staff?
- Are the parents and staff receptive to any health care suggestions that may have been made?
- What types of ongoing education is offered to staff? Particularly in relation to child care, health/ infection, decreasing the spread of infectious diseases and germs.
- Request water district information to evaluate water source
- Where are your trash storage areas?
- Do the children bring in food/bottles from home? How is it stored? Do you mix any formulas?
- Food storage / prep areas. If food is provided by the facility what types of menus do you have? I will request a sample to evaluate if they are offering a healthy diet. May evaluate compared to food pyramid or American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for proper diet for children.
- Where are meal times/ snacks given?
- Do you provide fire safety training? Are exit routes posted? What is your procedure?
- What is your policy if a parent is late picking up a child? At what point do you notify the authorities and to whom?
- At nap time do the children have designated blankets? How do you avoid spread of germs through linens?

Facility observation assessment
- Does the facility appear clean and well kept?
- Does the facility have any safety or health concerns?
- Are any safety concerns observed?
- Are there any health safety concerns noted?
- Are the children clean appearing? (hands, face, clothes)
- Do any of the children appear to be sick at the time of the visit?
- Are the restrooms clean?
- Is the outside play area clean?
- Are there any safety concerns with the play area equipment or set up?
- Is there enough space for the number of children present?
- Are the sleeping areas safe/ clean?
- Observe for mix of cultural/ ethnic groups and observe the staff’s interaction with the various children.
- Observe the mix of cultures/ ethnic groups among the staff
- Assess for trash storage in appropriate places
- Observe food storage and/or prep areas
- Observe eating areas
- Are exit signs marked?
- Observe for fire pull stations/ fire extinguishers

The information gathering ideas were stimulated from a variety of sources. Being both a nurse and a mother that has used daycare facilities helped me to determine what specific things I would like to evaluate. A review of Anderson and McFarlane was also used to add to my own thoughts. I anticipate this list of questions/ observation categories to change as the project progresses but this will be my starting point. Prior to being given out as surveys to staff and interviews with individuals this will be revised to allow for a better and more logical flow.


Anderson, E. T., & McFarlane, J. (2008). Community as partner: Theory in practice and Nursing (5th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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