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Nursing Break Time

Welcome to our nursing break time recommendations.

We have spent many Saturday mornings deciding what we wanted to do to take a mental break from school or work.  Family time is a wonderful break and stress reliever but sometimes an hour alone can give your mind and body a complete refresh. We have found activities, books and some shows that seem to require less, or maybe just a different kind of brain power that have been life savers for us in relieving some stress.  Our family does not seem to understand when we say something is too much brain power but our fellow nurses and students have seemed to totally understand what we are saying.

In the spirit of sharing, we decided we would share some of our favorite things to do to take our mind to a different place and refresh.  Nursing break time for us can be reading a quick book, you know the ones that are so quick and easy to read, do not require any thinking and you feel uplifted when you are finished?  

When we really want to relax lately we have been working through the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich.  We were pretty slow joining the Stephanie Plum party but really love them.  New ones are still coming so we should always have a new one to read.

We also have a new favorite author, Lisa Martinez, and absolutely love her books. If you want a great afternoon read check out Dragonfly Landing.  An awesome short story that we will read again and we don't normally read a book twice.  Lisa has another awesome book (with the sequel on the way) It's Always Darkest.  We highly recommend her books and think there will be more awesome books to come from her.

 We also enjoy TV sitcoms.  Yes we have some favorites and can watch those same episodes a hundred times and they still make us laugh.  The rest of the family does not get it.  

Another favorite for us lately is yoga.  We used to find yoga fairly boring but now it really makes us feel wonderful.  It really does refresh the mind, body and spirit.



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