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The Nurses Note April 2015

Welcome to the first edition of The Nurses Note, previously known as The Nurses Neighborhood News. 

For our subscribers that have hung with us we thank you.  For our new subscribers to this new and improved version we thank you as well.  We are excited to move forward.

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What are we about?

The Nurses Neighborhood came about as a tool for sharing ideas with other nurses and nursing students.  During my BSN program I found coming up with ideas for papers and weekly forum and journal posts was a nightmare. The fact that I am not at all creative does not help.  I found bouncing ideas off of someone else or looking at someones reference list would make a lightbulb go off..  and then I had it.  Why struggle for weeks just coming up with a topic?  Run it by someone who has been there or is working through the same type of program.

We all know that learning never stops with getting your degree.  Sharing articles and CEU opportunities is also what we are about.

With that being said we have always wanted to expand on these ideas and have a community available for sharing.  Is anybody in?  We can start out on Facebook, even a private group if that would help everyone feel comfortable with sharing.  If we get a community together a forum would be a wonderful next step.

We have set up a quick poll to see what our readers would be most interested in.

** This survey is now closed **

What's New at Nurses Neighborhood?

Some new and not so new features..

We are very excited that Nurses Neighborhood is now on Facebook!  We will be sharing when we have updates to our site, education opportunities as we find them and more.

If you haven't already found our nursing CEU pages check them out.  We will post CEU opportunities we find here. Look for updates to these pages with our next issue.

There is no longer a password for our membership area of the site, you are free to browse.  This area will be revamped to be easier to navigate over the next few months.  If you haven't looked at this area we have posted some sample papers to help give you ideas for your own papers.  Plagiarism of these papers has been high so this may need to change but our thoughts are that sharing ideas and references is what we wanted our site to be about. I hate to lose the main reason I started this site so please do not copy.

Featured nursing story

New Monthly Feature!

We love to hear from other nurses.

We would love to hear why others became nurses or why others want to become nurses.  Everyone has a unique story but many include something about caring. Isn't that what we all wanted?

We have a wonderful story that was submitted by a reader some time ago.  I read this story again this month and still love it. Check it out!

Please share your story with us and our readers. Post your story here! Your story may be featured in The Nurses Note.  

My personal story is coming soon as well.

What app are we playing with this month?

New Monthly Feature!

We are experimenting with an app on our iPad called Zite.  My college age son decided I needed to try it out.  You enter some of your interests and it pulls articles that may be of interest to you.  We have some hobbies on there as well as nursing.  We are in the early stage of testing this out.  So far the term nursing is pulling some articles on breastfeeding and some job postings so it looks like I need to play with it some.

Tips to make nursing life easier

New Monthly Feature!


During our program we found this great program (a little too far into our classes to be honest) so we wanted to pass this along for any of you that have not come across this yet.

I highly recommend it.  This program uses your version of Microsoft Word and will ask you questions and automatically format your paper and reference list into the format you need.  No more struggling at the end of your paper to get your references in order. You do them as you go and it is all finished when you are done!  

TIP - It did not take long before I started using this for forum posts as well as we had to have a reference in APA format for the posts as well.  A huge time saver. (Especially with a very picky instructor)

Using our link will give you a $4 discount.  Note: This is not an affiliate link, all savings are passed on to you at this time.

We will be adding a few more monthly feature items over the next few issues.

So until next time .. please visit our site and Facebook page and let's see where the sharing will take us.

I hope it will help all of us as much as sharing with others has helped me throughout my career.

Thank you for subscribing to The Nurses Note.

Thanks for reading,

J from the Nurses Neighborhood

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