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The Nurses Note January 2017

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Nurses Note.  The Nurses Note January 2017 edition brings a great announcement and we hope you all will join in on our excitement.

What are we about?.. In case you missed it

What's New at Nurses Neighborhood?

Some new and not so new features..

We are very excited that Nurses Neighborhood is on Facebook!  We  have been rather quiet there but are trying to pick it up a little.  The group is slowly growing and we are very excited about that.  If you have not yet liked our page please check it out.  We welcome everyones comments so please share away.

Just a reminder that there is no longer a password for our membership area of the site, you are free to browse.  This area will be getting an overhaul this year but will not lose any of the great sharing of ideas.  We want to hear your input and get some discussion going.  If you have not noticed commentinng is available on these pages as well as many others on our site including this one.  We would love to see some more comments coming in.  

Now as for wanting input and discussion...this brings us to our big announcement...

Being a subscriber has it's perks..  Hear about new features first!

Featured nursing story

Monthly Feature!

We love to hear from other nurses.  This month we are sharing an article about burnout submitted by our reader Karen.  Please check it out.  It happens to all of us at some point but it does not need to be a bad thing.

Sharing is what we are all about..

  • Why do you want to be a nurse?
  • Why did you become  a nurse?
  • Experiencing burnout and need to share?
  • Have a great story from nursing school or a crazy night shift?

We would love to hear it!

Again, this leads into our big announcement...  more ways to share and get help

Please share your story with us and our readers. Post your story here! Your story may be featured in The Nurses Note.  

The Big Announcement
from the Nurses Note January 2017

Our forum is finally on the home stretch and we are SO excited.  We have been asking you, our readers, if and how you would like to share for a while now.  Although several responses had more than one option selected, a forum on Nurses Neighborhood was on every response we received.  

So we are giving YOU what you asked for.

The forum is coming

A community where you can

  • bounce around ideas for school or work
  • share educational ideas
  • nursing chat
  • share something your non-nursing friends would lose their lunch over (come on.. we have all been there..)

Throughout our schooling and during our career we have found sharing ideas to be extremely helpful and important.  We hope you all will feel the same.

Beta testers needed

Do you want to be first to test out the forum? We are looking for a group to do some testing over the next few weeks.  It should not be time consuming and you can start to share and post right away.  The sooner we have a few testers and can get the forum finalized the sooner we can go live for everyone!

It will be simple things such as:

  • Can you create a log on?
  • Can you log on?
  • Can you post a message?
  • Can you reply to a message?

You may also be asked for input such as:

  • Did we miss a category you think would be helpful?
  • Does the format/color scheme work for you?

Interested? Fill out the form below to sign up.

Edit 2/15/17- The beta testing is closed. Feel free to check out the forum.  We have added a survey about the options.  Please provide some feedback.  The password is available to Nurses Note subscribers only and is available in our 2/14/17 email notice.  Missed it?  Contact us with the email you registered with and we will be happy to send it.  

Not signed up yet?  Sign up now!

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