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Student Nurse Education Resources

Nurse education for the bachelors in nursing (BSN) programs seem to have some common projects in their nursing curriculum. It does not matter which university program you are taking, you should see some similarities. Whether it's an online nursing school program or regular nursing school classes, the same projects seem to be included. Many programs also use the same nursing textbooks.

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The bachelors of nursing program includes looking outside of hospital bedside nursing. The program reviews nurse education such as the basic fundamentals of nursing, nursing theory, and the nursing process, and focuses on advanced assessment skills, assessments of individuals and families,assessments of communities, consideration of cultures in nursing and health care, leadership and nursing research.

nursing textbooks

My personal experience with these classes has been with an RN to BSN program but my research has found that these same topics are included in regular BSN programs and in some associate degree programs (ADN). All of the nursing classes have required nursing research papers. We spent many hours on research for these papers. This section is intended to help save nursing students some time when it comes to researching for these assignments. Nurse education links are provided that lead to many resources that were found to be very helpful during these classes. 

Time saving tips for formatting nursing papers

Sample nursing papers are available in the free members only area to help you through your nurse education. These papers are available for ideas and to assist with references. All papers and drafts are copyrighted and have been submitted to turnitin. Please do not copy.

During our program we found a wonderful computer program called PERRLA. This downloadable software program works with Word on your PC or Mac.  It formats your paper and your reference lists for you. PERRLA is available in APA and MLA.  We used the APA version for our program and it was a tremendous time saver.  The reference list tool was amazing.  It asks you the questions and adds the reference to your list in the correct format.  In my classes we were required to provide references in APA formatting in our forum posts so by the end of the program I was using this to create my posts as well.  Then all I had to do was copy it into the forum.

Nurse education: Class tips

The first class in the RN to BSN online program was a class about transitioning to the nursing profession. This class reviewed some basics from nursing school (the ADN program), such as nursing theories, nursing process, fundamentals of nursing, and reviewed some of the history of nursing. 

The health assessment class in the bachelors of nursing program included health promotion topics as well as individual and family assessments. This class often includes papers related to these nursing assessments. This class brought me back to the fundamentals of nursing school by requiring nursing care plans using the nanda nursing diagnoses. Resources for this class include information for the family assessment paper and the final health assessment.

All BSN programs include a community nursing class. This class included a semester long community assessment project. The first part of the project included the community assessment.

The second part included an educational project to this community. Resources are provided for these assignments. The community we assessed was a child care center so resources are focused on that setting. Community assessments also include an evaluation of water and air quality, population statistics and crime statistics. The references provided for the community assessment include resources to find these needed statistics that should be helpful to any nursing student assessing any type of community.

Biostatistics, also referred to as Health care statistics was a challenge. While many of the RN to BSN online classes included written assignments, reading and a lot of nursing research, this class was a lot of information including formulas. This class required the use of excel spreadsheets and using the formulas within excel which had a very large learning curve for us. The biostatistics page includes resources that were helpful in learning this content, and using excel 2007. 

Nursing pharmacotherapeutics was a very good review of the many different medications we use. This class required two pharmacology related papers which turned out to be very interesting. The final paper that discusses an asthma education plan is now available in our members area. The final paper was on another nursing medication related issue. This class also required use of the nursing process and nursing care plans using the nanda nursing diagnoses.

The nursing culture class covered the definition of culture and a closer look at a variety of cultures and how the beliefs of different cultures can affect their health care beliefs. This class included interviews of individuals from a variety of different cultures using the heritage assessment tool as provided by Spector. Reference for Spector is available with the tool that you can copy and use with proper reference to the author. 


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