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Nurse Burnout leads to 2 yrs off work

by Cindy
(Toronto, Ont)

Here is my story

I have been in the nursing profession for 18 years. Most of my profession has been community nursing (visiting Nurse). I was always grateful for my position and absolutly loved my job, the clients and co-workers.
After 8 years with a certain agency working as a visiting nurse, I started experiencing some physical symptoms that even my Doctor could not explain. Bladder leakage, constipation, joint pains along with agitation, irritability and loss of interest in my relationships etc.. June 10th 2010 I went to the Doctor and asked for a sick note for 2 weeks. I needed a break. The stress from work was getting worse, the added demands of paper work from the CCAC and dealing with Case Managers that doubted my presence and needs by my clients and constantly fighting for clients that needed a nurse, long hours of paper work and responsibilities with family has all taken its toll. I had enough and thought that 2 weeks off would help me cope and return back to work refreshed. That did not happen.
The doctor diagnosed me with depression and acute anxiety, went on EI sick benefits which then turned into disability which was paid through private insurance through work. Ive seen 3 Psychiatrists, 1 Psychotherapist, been on Cipralex which made me worse. I turned to drinking on a nightly basis to help me cope. I have low self esteem. And to help matters worse, I have been cut off disability (they told me I do not have enough evidence to support my case). Its hard to keep up with all their demands when you are depressed but I did everything they wanted.
Friends and family are telling me to go back to work doing anything, easy for them to say, they mean well, but its hard. I need help!

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Jun 06, 2013
by: brenda

I have been a Nurse 27 years and an now reaching my breaking point. I understand what u are going thru!! People would think I would have it made, moved in with a Doc who loves me , have no bills a new car, and a new ring,,, but I hate my F in job!!! It is making me so un happy I can't enjoy anything, I'm depressed, I sleep all the time , I don't eat, I feel like I'm going crazy. My boyfriend wants me to see a shrink. He says I'm like a light switch with my moods, I've dome everything, I'm on hormones, switched antidepressants. I gets shit on on all the time at work. I'm in an Ambulatory surg ctr, and I always get the last pt of the day, no mater what, i could be working in the pain ctr taking care of 8 pts come back over and they wil give me the last pt of the day. We have one nurse that is the master of only taking 3 pts a day. And another that will sit at the desk and say ,, I dont feel like working, will do the bare min, and thats all. No stalking or cleaning or transporting, myself or one other nurse does it, and our boss does nothing about it.

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