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Never will you hurt me again

by Anonymous

What to do about nurse burnout ?

What to do about nurse burnout ?

I have been a nurse since 2001. I have never had a "good job" since I have been a nurse.

I have seemed to land the crapiest jobs...not one good one...They seem good at first...But then you learn it sucks... I seemed to get the jobs that had the craziest doctors and I feel it has ended that way.

I don't think I take it personal but you start to wonder after 9 years of crazy doctors .. crazy schedules .. loss of family.. is it worth it?...

My main problem is I am a yes person...

I have taken off from nursing for a year now...

Here is what I miss...
learning and using my skills.

I do not miss the drama...the people, the sorry pay (people think nurses make a ton)...the stress/pay ratio does not relate to each other ...

I have to include what hurts the most is that I am a GREAT NURSE...
I always try so hard, have patients tell me they love me, the best blood draw or shot they have ever had...I am gentle...The paper work for nurses is crazy. It takes away from patient care....

So, I am SO CONFUSED about what to do ...I live in a small town...I left my job on bad terms...I am sweet and nice until I get my belly full...then watch out because I will blow up and quit.....WORRIED ...WHAT TO DO??

This page was submitted by a burned out nurses neighborhood reader.

Can you help this burned out nurse?

The current nursing shortage has happened for a variety of reasons, one of those reasons being nursing stress and burnout. As nurses we need to help each other find ways to cope and ways to improve nursing as a profession.

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Jan 06, 2012
Nursing is not nursing anymore
by: Anonymous

I am a community health care nurse. I have been working in this field for 17yrs. Before that,I worked in the hospital.
The role of the nurse has changed dramatically. When I took my nursing course, we had our nursing responsibilities, not the doctors ,nor the physiotherapist, respiratory therapist,occupational therapist,social workers, pharmacist,etc. Our role changed. Responsibilities grew immensely. We are told that certain tasks are now our tasks. Our nursing role changed to do all those roles. This is why nurses burn out. We take it,and no one says anything.
And if we say something our employer says we have the problem, that we can't cope.
I am too trying to get out of this field. I had such a satisfying feeling before when I went to work, helping people, doing the work that I was trained for. I stopped working in sept, 2011. I had lots of personal things happening. Mother had a stroke, dad died of a stroke 3 months after, in 2010,went through a separation a few years before that. Then married and went through issues with the step daughter,and more. I am 47 yrs old.
We who make the decision of being nurses have big hearts. We give and give without asking anything in return. People around us, our loved ones, friends and family don't always understand what we are giving up to help others.
People think we have the perfect job, very good pay, etc...
But our role of a nurse never stops. I work all day with sick people, then come home to face sickness again, with spouse and mother, which expect much from you.
But, when we burn out,and can't even take care of us anymore, our entourage, friends and family can't accept it.
Is it any wonder that our body shuts down? We nurses are human too. If there is one day that we seem:not nice:well, we might have had a bad day. Like getting yelled at by patients, doctors ,management,etc.
In the field that I work in, we visit patients at home. It is a 24hr service, on call in middle of night. We take care of palliative pts at home, do blood work, IVs dressings, have patients on respirators at home, just to name a few. We are the front line, with no protection for the nurse at the home setting.
So,when I don't want to do nursing anymore because of exhaustion, burnout, or whatever you may call it, it is justified.
If you are a nurse on a burnout, please,don't feel inadequate. It's not our fault. We are just people pleasers who try to take care of everybody until our body shuts down and demands that we take care of us.

Oct 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

I agree, its very stressful and I find myself getting angry about a lot of different things. There is so much put on us; so much stress. When I went to nursing school I had no idea that this is how I would feel. There r some things I really enjoy about my job, but most of the time I'm too busy with this or that to even have the time to enjoy it... It sucks.... you def. R not alone!

Jul 29, 2010
not alone
by: Anonymous

Your not alone sister! I've been in nursing 32 yrs.,28 yrs. of that an OR nurse. I love the OR, I'm just basically tired of everyone else. If you dided have to deal with paperwork, drama, co-workers and management, it would be perfect. Remember the pt. comes first,always keep that in mind.

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