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Make Extra Money At Home!!

make extra money at home

Wish you could make extra money at home??

Are you tired of the long days at work? Wishing you could work part time? Or maybe not work for someone else at all? I am right with you.. and that is why we are building this nursing profession website.

I see YOU also have an interested in making some extra money or even replacing your full time income..  If this is YOU please read to the very end or skip down to my new journey to see where I am taking my business.

What's your passion?

Want to create a website as a hobby or start an online business? Learn how easy it is to turn your passion in to a business with SBI. Have a question? Just ask!

Whether you are a nurse or someone else interested in building a business, let me tell you my story. 

I have been a nurse for over 20 years (yes ..20) and have worked in several different areas.  Working part time (or less) would be a dream come true.  Of course, money comes into play here. With 2 kids in college and regular expenses we can't afford to live on only one income.

Both my husband and I have been searching for ways to make extra money at home so that maybe one day our dream of cutting back our hours at work will come true. We have looked at many systems and have always stayed away from the ones that look like get rich quick schemes.
If something sounds to good to be true it probably is.

My Story

I had given up on finding a way to start a legitimate online business. I had set my mind on opening a health care business of some sort and had researched several options. Money was still an issue. In the meantime I had found and read about SBI. I was hesitant and kept looking for other options for a work at home business but I kept going back to the information about SBI.  

SBI is not a get rich quick scheme.

It is a real way to create an online business and make money at home. Will it happen instantly? No. Am I living my dream? No, but I do earn some spending money every month for doing something I actually enjoy and do on my spare time.  It can actually be down time from regular work and household chores.

I actually started this site while I was working on my bachelor's degree in nursing (full time status) and working full time.  Like I really needed to add more to my to do list at that point, right?  But it actually gave me a break with something new to learn.  Now I continue to work on this site and work full time. 

As I worked on my nursing degree I found it helpful to share reference lists, nursing websites and journals to use for assignments with coworkers and other students.  Several coworkers were taking classes at the same time and we found our assignments to be similar so sharing resources but doing our own work was a huge time saver.  I could not find anything online that provided that same type of sharing so I decided to share what I have found with the nursing community.  Nurses Neighborhood was born..   

SBI can work if you follow the action guide and put an effort into writing something you feel passionate about. Turn your passion into an online business and make extra money at home.   It can be some spending money in your spare time like I have or grow in to a full online business, it is all up to you.

Links on this page may be affiliate links and by making a purchase through these links I may receive a commission. I appreciate your support.  Please know that I will only promote products I believe in or have that have been used and tested by myself or part of my team.

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What is SBI?

Don't know how to build a website, or much about computers? With SBI you don't need to. I knew nothing about HTML and graphics, and with SBI I was able to start this site without that knowledge. SBI provides a step by step guide on how to get started, grow your site, build traffic and make money from home. All the tools you will need are included in the SBI subscription.  Now I am not going to say this is easy... it takes time and work to make extra money at home.. but if I can do it I know you can too!   

Still have questions? Call and ask!

You may also contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions and direct you to more information. We will be happy to share more about our journey.

SBI offers monthly or yearly subscriptions. SBI also provides a plug in for Word Press.  They often have short sales around the holidays so keep your eyes posted.

My new journey

Divi WordPress Theme

As I work on setting up my membership site here on Nurses Neighborhood I have struggled with programs that are way too complicated for a non techy person like me. Solo Build It allows you to integrate a membership site into their system and that adds to my confusion. So I am venturing into the world of wordpress to build this membership area. After a lot of research I have chosen siteground as my host for my new site. I am working on reading tutorials and have set up my business website (coming soon): jayesysn.

I have decided to go with the divi theme form elegant themes and it has been more of a challenge than I expected. I am following tutorials and really learning a lot.  I will write a full review when I have more to to tell but in the mean time you can check it out.  The divi video is really awesome.  I am also looking at some child themes and I absolutely love so many that I cannot choose.   I am also absolutely loving teachable.  It is an amazing platform with awesome tutorials..  

Of course I have decide which to do first but check them out.. and watch for our blog posts on our progress on jayesysn!

This new secure site will host our forum and membership site and is a secure site for our services. I am also thinking of mapping out my new journey and would love if you would want to join in and make a support group or just follow along.

More to come as I get things started.. so far it is more tutorials than anything but I think I found an awesome video that works through all the steps on building a WP site with the divi theme.. I will share soon.  I will also be looking into the SBI for Wordpress plug in since I have now become accustomed to both systems,

Update:  I have found so many awesome resources and every one has a learning curve. I will add what I have used so far and some initial reviews soon.

Now beyond the membership site not being easy with Solo Build It I decided multiple sites would be cheaper on wordpress. At the moment I have actually spent more this year than I ever have but some fees are for several years or a one time fee so I think it averages out (although I am scared to do the math).  There is definitely a difference there for a wordpress site as Solo Build It has everything you need included in the fee while wordpress requires additional plugins for some basic but mostly advanced tasks.  But, I have decided to expand my business..  yes I have changed my mind set from hobby to business which has made the "spend money to make money" feel better.  I am very excited about this change and I hope some of you will join me.  Stay tuned and watch for the opening of jayesysn to see what our business will be all about.  We will also be looking for members to join our team so check it out!

A few hints...

Our membership site will be housed here

e-courses to come such as :

  • de-stress for life - yes nursing is a stressful career and nursing student stress is real
  • how to work your to do list- my system
  • organization for nursing students- my system
  • and more

services such as:

  • nursing paper proofreading and CEU planning (included in your membership or pay per use)
  • Site transfer services - Solo Build It to WP 
  • Virtual assistant (VA) services - our passion includes medical, health, yoga related topics.  We will also provide social meeting management and website maintenance for Solo Build It or WP.

For more information before we open the doors please contact us..  we also appreciate thoughts and suggestions.

You can also let us know you want to be on the priority list for Solo Build It to WP transfers and virtual support services..  we will be opening these services to new clients VERY SOON and more details will be available shortly


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