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I'm Done With Bedside Nursing

by mary
(jacksonville Fla usa)

almost 30 yrs of bedside nursing and I'm Done!

I began as an LPN in 1983 worked in old folks homes, nursing homes, assisted living, worked at a State Hospital, and the Dept of corrections.

I got my Rn in 2003 and went to work in hospitals as a bedside nurse since then. The manager at the last place was power hungry WAS, if it wasn't done by the book you had done it wrong regardless of the outcome.

The thing that did me in was "you need to call the doctor to tell him you are giving a prn med." Not at 3am when he already knew the pt, beside this was a Prn rx. If the Medication had not worked them yes I would have called the md. A little power is a dangerous thing I agree with this quote. So I changed hospitals after 6 months of soul search I've decided to become a utilzation nurse. Chart reader 9-5 mon-fri no holidays.

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