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Continuing education in nursing

Are you a CEU procrastinator?

Do you wait to the last minute to get your continuing education in nursing complete?

I try to do some every year around my work evaluation time so I can record them and receive credit that way but other than that I may only have conferences or seminar related credits that I would have even if I did not need them for my nursing license and certification.  

So my new goal is to try to work on my nursing CEU's throughout the year.. sound like a good plan??  Yes, it is how it should be.. but I do know I am frantically looking for free hours or courses with a lot of hours for a good price the month I need to send in my renewal.  

As a certified nurse I now find it a little more challenging to find CE hours that qualify for my certification.  The strict guidelines in place by my state nursing board also increase this challenge.

So what is my solution?

A plan.. personalized just me for... 

Do the research once and done... hmmm.. sounds like a kayak commercial doesn't it :)

Even better have someone else do the research for you and skip that step.

What if they could even tell you what to do when?

Guess what.. someone can..  Nurses Neighborhood.

Your requirements

My personal requirement is 40 hours over 4 years for my ACM certification.  30 of those hours need to be approved by ACMA and the remaining 10 can be general accredited nursing contact hours.  My state board requires they be related to my specific specialty which is pediatrics, case management and auditing.   All of these requirements make the list a little small.  I pretty much keep to ACM approved hours and try to add a few pediatric ones in for good measure to be safe.

So when I am ready to get some hours done guess what happens?  I spend hours and hours finding something that fits my needs, I am interested in, fits my budget and won't take months to complete.  Sound familiar?

A personalized CEU plan made just for you!  Now included in your membership!

Our services: Personalized CEU plan

We will design a custom package for you based on your state board requirements, certification requirements, specialty area, your interests and anything else you would like us to include.

Some packages may include a recommended plan for completion based on your license renewal date.

Can't get much easier than that!

Packages for continuing education in nursing

Package options:

5 hours: $10.00

10 hours: $20.00

20 hours: $40.00  or $45.00 with recommendation plan 

30 hours: $55.00 includes recommendation plan

40 hours: $65.00 includes recommendation plan

You will receive a personlized email within 2-3 business days to confirm your order request additional information if needed as well as an invoice for payment through PayPal.

Payment is due prior to research being done on your package.

We anticipate a turn around time of 14-28 days depending on volume.   Receive your package sooner for an additional fee.  

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