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Community Nursing Assessment

A class on community nursing is included in both BSN and RN to BSN programs. Community nursing has a wide range of possiblilities including public health, home health and school nursing.

The community assessment project

The community assessment included looking at a specific community and assessing that particular group for health needs. The community I evaluated was a day care center. The community assessment wheel as outlined in Anderson and McFarlane was used for this assessment. The windshield survey included:

  • physical environment
  • education
  • safety and transportation
  • politics and government
  • health and social services
  • communication
  • economics
  • recreation

A sample of the commununity nursing assessment outline is available for use as a guide in our members area. Not a member yet? Sign up for our free newsletter and free member area here.

After the community nursing assessment was completed a paper was required that included an evaluation of the air and water quality of the area, as well as the safety of the city. I have provided a reference list at the bottom of this page from this paper as a sample that includes nursing journals and internet research. Included in this paper was an outline of an educational plan based on the community assessment. A draft of this final paper is available in our free member area.

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The community nursing assessment education project

For the second half of the project a presentation was designed for continued education on the spread of germs and the importance of handwashing. The attached powerpoint is a copy of the presentation and a handout reference card. This presentation is copyrighted but may be used as a reference if cited. It also includes a reference list to assist with designing your own presentation. I am providing this information as a resource to assist others with this community nursing assessment project.

Community assessment paper


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Community nursing


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