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Do You Have Cash For College Tuition?

No matter where you go college is expensive and the cash for college needed is increasing every year. Nursing programs are no exception. Have you wondered where you will get the money that you need? There are a variety of options to help you get your money for school.

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Scholarships are available from a variety of sources. Scholarships are free money for school. This means you do not need to pay it back. Some scholarships for nurses may cover your tuition, room and board and your nursing textbooks.


Grants are another form of financial assistance that you do not need to pay back. Grants can help you in getting the cash for college that you will need to cover your college expenses.

money for school

Student Loans

Nursing student loans
or financial aid is another way to get your cash for college. This form of assistance to get your money for school does require that you pay it back. Student loans usually do not need to be repaid until after you graduate. The repayment plan usually begins several months after you graduate.

Employer Tuition Assistance 

If you already work in the healthcare industry, your employer may provide tuition assistance. The type of assitance offered may be a reimbursement plan where you need to pay college tuition yourself and submit your grades for reimbursement when the course has been completed, or the company may pay the college directly. The type of assistance provided is very individual by company. Some comanies offer to cover a specific amount each year. Other companies may have different options, and some require you to make a commitment to remain employed for a certain period of time if they pay for your college tuition. This assistance may help you get the cash for college tuition and books that you will need. This type of tuition assistance may be available in other industries as well.

Cash for College Smart Tips

Core Classes at a Community College

A great money saving option is to attend a community college for the first two years of your degree. Any classes that you can take at a community college can lead to a large savings on your tuition. Even if you can only take one or two classes over the summer, the savings will lead to a decrease in the cost of your college education. If you choose this route to save some money be sure to check with the college of your choice to ensure your classes from the community college will transfer.

Review your degree options

If getting the cash for college that you need is still a concern you may want to look at your options for your nursing degree. Nursing programs offer a variety of options allowing you to look at your career goals and what you can afford.

If the cost of college tuition is a concern you can look at attending a program through a community college, these are often LVN/LPN or RN programs.

If your goals are to become a registered nurse or a bachelors of science prepared nurse this can still be an option. Many nurses obtain a lower level nursing degree and then return to school for the higher level degree while they work. Continuing your education while you work allows you to earn while you learn. This gets you into the work force faster and allows you to take advantage of some of the employer paid tution assistance programs.

Do research on your cash options!

Doing research to get money for school may be time consuming, but in the end it may save you a lot of money on college tuition.


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