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burnout I guess

by Karen
(Vancouver BC)

I have been a nurse for my adult life. I am 50.

For the past 10 years I have worked in hospice/palliatve care. I feel I am a good nurse, kind, caring, reliable, I follow through things.
Lately however, I am feeling depressed, sad, low energy and I am starting to get anxiety over the patients that I see. I seem to take on their anxiety, or the anxiety of a family member. Since I work with dying people, its like my whole day is sad. This never used to bother me before, I was able to put it into perspective, but now its with me all the time.
My management has tried to lighten my load for me, and it feels a bit better, but then something sends me off again down this anxiety road. I seem to take on thier aches and pain and worries that I'm getting what they have.
Anyone else relate to this?
Of course I think I am crazy.....

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Feb 12, 2012
emotionally demanding positions can be draining
by: Anonymous

I do not think you are crazy. I think the field you are in can become tiring, and is an emotionally draining area. As nurses we tend to be very caring people so relating to your patients and feeling what they feel is normal. One thing I enjoy about being a nurse is the variety of areas that you can work in, not only bedside nursing. Sometimes a break is what we need. I hope things get better for you.

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