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Accelerated Nursing Program For
Bachelors In Nursing Degree

An accelerated nursing program is usually an accelerated bachelors in nursing program. Some schools may refer to it as the BSN express. This program is for those individuals that currently hold a bachelors degree in another discipline and would like to obtain a second bachelors degree in nursing.

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This program is typically an intensive 12 to 18 month program. This accelerated nursing program can often be completed in 4 semesters by solely studying nurisng classes and an intensive amount of clinical hours.

Upon completion of the accelerated nursing program you will receive your bachelors degree in nursing. At this time you will be entitled to take the NCLEX exam to obtain your registered nurse license. You are also entitled to work as a gradutate nurse or RN, BSN once you have passed your NCLEX exam. 

You may also continue on into a graduate level nursing program to obtain your masters in nursing degree. Prior to entering a graduate level program many schools will require that you take the GRE.

Another option for those with a bachelors degree in another discipline is to apply to an undergraduate nursing program (BSN) and have your courses evaluated. Often you will only need the nursing portion of the program and can often complete this over 4 semesters as well.

If you investigate this option you will need to avoid the RN to BSN fast track programs, as these are for those that already hold a RN license.

These accelerated programs are more often available in a regular classroom setting. You may have the option of some online classes, but the clinical skills training will have classroom requirements and you will have clinical hours that can usually be completed in your own area.

These programs that allow you to enter the accelerated nursing program with your current bachelors degree and complete your BSN degree in a much shorter time frame are also helping with the current nursing shortage. With a decrease in the number of nurses graduating it will be helpful to have those nurses that can graduate sooner.

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Accelerated BSN


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